The beginning of Mexico

So we began our little trip down south with a few hiccups. Saying YES to this mission also meant saying YES to the following (which certainly caused some frustration, a few too many Coronas and some hysterical laughter at the stupidity of it all):

Firstly, me being the super organised person that I am (please note the massive amount of sarcasm here), I may or may not have booked us the wrong dates to arrive into Zihuatanejo to see my friend Fernando (this was the hysterical laughter that I referred to). Yup. This meant that we arrived one week earlier than planned, with no accommodation booked, knowing nothing about the little town and only realising this mistake at 9pm before our early morning flight. That was hiccup 1.

Hiccup 2: the death of my WATERPROOF camera. I say waterproof with a lot of emphasis, because it died at the hands of the sea in much less water than it had previously been used in! So it seemed ironic to say that my camera drowned. So long camera…we had a good 10 months together haha. Did someone say SHOPPING??

Hiccup 3: The attack of mosquitos to my skin! I am currently fashioning some very attractive spotted skin (and not the camouflaging kind) of which pharmacists seemed baffled with, when asking for some Stingoes or the equivalent. I like to think of it as Mexico love…in a much less creepy way.



So the town we arrived into was Zihuatanejo (pronounced ZEE-WHOT-TEN-AYO…I chose to sing the One Tonne Rodeo ad to remind me roughly how it went even though the locals never quite got this!) It turned out to be a winner, with the cutest little restaurants right on the beach, $1 beers everywhere, uber friendly locals, and no Aussies in sight! Our accommodation was hilarious as we found a basic Hostel that contained rainbow painted walls buried in a mini jungle, a small yoga area, brightly hung hammocks and the greatest fruit smoothies in the world! So our hiccups really did turn out to be great!