Our last days in Mexico

Leaving Belize with rather sunburnt faces, some strange chicken betting memories and a number of $US bills, we were happy to return back to our “safe haven” of Mexico.

Now as pros of the buses, we made the trip up to Playa Del Carmen and finally Cancun- definitely one of the biggest tourist hubs.

From our hostel, we spent a number of days trying to save a few $$ by bike riding as much as possible, and navigating like a pro! The quality of our bikes were questionable as the handle bars adjusted themselves independently and Meg’s right pedal sat at a horrible angle, but we liked to think of it as a new form of resistance training.


We visited the main shopping street selling American sweets and hideous souvenirs (prob not our fav place), making multiple visits to the giant supermarkets and finally, the beaches.

Meg had her 21st birthday here (well she does look young). I surprised her with some nicer accommodation which also included a buffet breakfast (hello!), a free massage and the use of the gym. Our yoga class experience was definitely interesting as it was again taught in Spanish, but by someone who had a rather intense and physical method of teaching. I may have been ready to punch him in the face, but that's another story! We lapped up the luxury of air conditioning, a giant tv, a large lounge room and the swimming pool and decided that we could understand the appeal of holidaying versus backpacking. But then, where would the funny stories be?!


Deciding to hire a car for the day was by far one of our best decisions! Seeing Meg nearly take out a pole on the sidewalk was a little frightening, but visiting some stunning cenotes (remember the caves) definitely made up for it! The water is so unbelievably clear, which seems so bizarre considering that they are also almost completely enclosed. Snorkelling in them really was an amazing experience!




We also took a full day tour to another archaeological site called Coba. This tour was really fun and probably one of the best we have done! We saw monkeys in the nearby jungle, canoed across a stunning lake, zip-lined at quite a rapid speed….note: we particularly liked their use of sticks that were to be placed over the cable to slow yourself down at the “end”. OH&S isn’t so much of a concern here. And also a visit to an underground cenote, that turned out to be quite a workout to get back up. But a great day was had by all.









Mexico we loved your hospitality, your affordability for backpackers to live so cheaply, your funny translation issues, and even your excitement for A/C on the overnight buses. Yes, there may have been a few frustrating moments, but when tequila is present, who can really ever get that stressed?!