Road trippin’ to N’awlins

It was time to shake things up and try something different, so we hired a camper van, drove on the wrong side of the road and learnt about 4 way intersections. It was Vegas to New Orleans time!

Introducing the Bald Eagle…(or Dacey* to us…see below for name explanation) aka the GREATEST vehicle to roam this earth ❤

* whilst checking into a Mexican hostel, my full name was misread. Not as Kate Dally, or Ace Daily (yes it has happened). Nope. This time it was read as two people! Together we were Kate and DACEY as in two separate people ha! Yep it took a lot of self control for Meg not to fall down with laughter as her new name now registered!



Dacey truly was the best car! It was a 2000 Chevy Van that came complete with a collapsible table and chairs that turned into a very comfy queen size bed, a mini kitchen in the back and a gas cooker for meals. Not to mention the stunning dual paint job that really attracted attention. We were truly in ❤.
We loved sitting high on the road (even if it was on the wrong side), having our luggage with us 24/7, buying snacks along the way to store in our fridge, and the practicality of being able to literally pull over and sleep! We will be saving up to buy one of these on our return (Dads, we may need your help here!).

We were stoked to have Shan and Rob as cruising buddies which definitely made the trip a blast! They brought along Shirley, so the 4 of us were looking very stylish indeed!



Over the course of 13 days, we did the following:

- crossed 7 US states
- refueled approximately 13 times
- saw lakes, desert, cities, wetlands and even more desert
- ate 3 sachets of beef jerky
- drank approximately 14 cups of coffee
- learnt to pee in public places
- ate at IHop for the first time
- experienced a Texan dust storm and hurricane weather the following morning
- purchased a number of fireworks
- saw some very weird “UFO” objects flying overhead during the night
- fell in love with McDonalds free wifi
And covered a whopping 7500 KILOMETRES! Even the guy at Escape Vans was shocked- apparently that is not the norm for a two week hire. Our sleepy eyes said it all upon return.










Our reason to visit New Orleans was to check out the very cool Jazz Festival! Although it was extremely muddy, and quite crowded with a very unusual mix of people, it was definitely something different. Bands included the Black Keys, Phoenix, Fleetwood Mac amongst many more.








Bourbon St in New Orleans was even more entertaining, as it resembled something of Vegas but without the casinos. Think LOTS of bars (some with mechanical bull riding, 3 for 1 drinks and some offering “love act” shows… No we did not observe these). There were plenty of street entertainers telling jokes, dancing and playing instruments, infact…you can see us in action here….

We saw vans selling marijuana in the form of lollipops, bars selling daiquiris in about 10 different flavors, a fabulous chutney and chilli sauce shop that was great to be in when someone would sample their hottest sauce available (who knew under eyes could sweat?!) and visiting the many souvenir shops. We loved the delicious jambalaya (a rice dish with chicken, sausage and spices), po-boys (a baguette with either frief seafood or chicken), gumbo and the crawfish! New Orleans definitely had a very cool vibe and we had a blast on the road trip! We miss Dacey and Shirley already!