Laguna de Apoyo

We were craving an escape from the heat, so moseyed on over to the beautiful Lake Apoyo. This 48-squared km lake is the result of an extinct volcano whose crater became filled with water, after an explosion some 20,000 years before. It now has tiny houses and a handful of hotels scattered on its edge, and remains quite an untouched part of Nicaragua. Our hostel was one of these, which meant that we enjoyed the stunning views, the water literally being at our doorstep, and the crazy sounds that come with staying in a jungle….(monkeys throwing fruit anyone?).


We spent our days here swimming in the thermally heated water, going out on kayaks and jumping off the pontoon. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the cities, where we could put our feet up, embrace the sunshine (rather than despise it in an anti-A/C country) and feel like tourists for a few days. We were lucky enough to meet two lovely American girls,  who became our travel besties for the next two weeks. The adventures really started when we decided to visit nearby restaurants (by water of course and carrying our dry clothes in a fashionable manner), playing with the waterproof camera and enjoying a Tona (local beer) or three…