Corn Islands…rain

Or should we say, CORN ISLAND REGRET! Yes that’s right, these 4 days were a disaster!

So we had seen the postcards, read the guidebooks and been very excited to explore the pristine beaches and reefs of Big Corn Island. However, these images looked a little different in person. After we arrived in the smallest plane ever (ok, it was a 12 person aircraft, but felt every bit the snug), the island welcomed us in a very unique way. BY TORRENTIALLY RAINING EVERY SINGLE DAY! AGGGHHH!!! Now I know you’re thinking that, well, it is rainy season and all, but seriously! The photos we saw of this beautiful Caribbean island had it looking all sunshine-y, with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Instead, we could barely see through the water as the waves were so huge, the rain pummeled down hard everyday, flooding the streets and restaurants, and had us wondering what to do with ourselves…


Luckily the town drunk found us some coconuts….so it was “Welcome to Corn Island”.


We also managed to find the local bakery which baked some delicious cakes…a regular feature on rainy days.


And we attended a baseball game that had the island’s local team competing against Nicaraguan’s capital, Managua. Baseball is a big deal here, so the majority of the islands population attended. However, the game was drawn out over 3 days, as every time they attempted a play, so did the rain.

DSCN2564DSCN2517 DSCN2558

Our spray jackets got a workout (Meg’s even decided to give her a very fashionable run of pink dye all over her clothes); we learnt that a ‘disco’ can be held down the end of a dirt road out the back of a house and that reggae and country music DO get played at the same party; that fried chicken and deep fried banana are ALWAYS a winner after a few too many beers; wild crabs can come inside if doors are left open (see below, we caught it though, thankfully!) and that Meg doesn’t like lobster really THAT much (she got a tummy bug that had her being besties with the porcelain). And that the people of Big Corn sound a lot like those in Cool Runnings and really tend to eat more crab than corn…go figure.